Relationships don't have to suck...

It's true! The goal of this series is to define and foster healthy relationships. Each session includes a teaching video, an applicable tool, and additional resource links. These sessions are designed in a way that allows you to find healing for yourself. Here are some available resources when the burden is too great for you to lift it alone:

Open Doors Counseling Network

Crisis text Hotline

Email a Pastor

session 1 - Know what you bring to the Table - Attachment


session 1 - Emotional expression tool

This tool was created to help you identify the emotions you were allowed to express as a child. 

Keep in mind the way you were raised has a direct impact on your view of God. 

Click the image below to download the full card.

session 2: Know what you bring to the table - identity


session 2 true identity tool

In order to find our true identity, it's necessary to see ourselves as God sees us.

This tool identifies some of the lies we believe about ourselves and re-directs us to find our identity in Truth.

Click the image below to download the full card.

session 3 - connection


session 3 perspective/tangible tool

As we seek to find deeper connection through relationships, we need to navigate our differences in perspective.

This tool helps us separate what our feelings and perceptions teach us from the tangible events that took place.

The two "perspective" columns account for both viewpoints in a relationship.

Click the image below to download the full card.

Session 4 - boundaries


session 4 - Restoring the soul tool

Boundaries create an opportunity to love people into a healthy relationship. They allow us to welcome people into community within a context of health.

Session 5 - Forgiveness

There is perhaps nothing more powerful for creating healthy relationships than the act of authentic forgiveness.


Session 5 - Forgiveness

In leu of a tool, we're looking at the act of forgiveness through this lens: Who do you need to forgive?

Take that name, write it down, and surrender it in prayer.  Remember, the power of forgiveness is even more evident in your healing than the life of the offender.